Is There a Perfect Way to Attract Top Executive Recruiters? When Asked This Question, I Said “Yes”

A client recently asked me this question, “Is there a best way to attract the interest of executive recruiters, head-hunters, and the top global consulting firms?”

Without hesitation, I answered “Yes” – with the proviso that you meet the key criteria expected in an executive-level LinkedIn Profile, CV and Resume.

What is valued? What are they looking for? What professional traits are most valued?

If you place yourself in the position of the reader, you would want to see solid examples of strategic, executive-level leadership; for example…

• Innovative, change management capability
• Personal attributes, personality traits, management style
• Illustrates global industry and competitive market insight
• Ability to drive growth, profit, and improve overall performance

Clear, unambiguous content highlighting your area of expertise will differentiate you in a congested job market. For best results, know that recruiters love key metrics that illustrate where a candidate has added value. Therefore, make clear your achievements, state…

state what you did.. how you did it.. what the benefits were

To write a brilliant, market ready Profile, CV and Resume that has impact, you have to convey your ability to…

• Increase revenue and reduce overheads
• Improve market share and enhance service levels
• Find effective solutions to complex problems
• Spearhead market expansion, both geographical and by industry

Write succinctly, get to the point quickly, executive searchers do not have time to read a life-story! Make sure your text is jargon-free, easily readable, and the information relates directly to the job profile

Exec Recruiters scan Profiles, CVs and Resumes for specific key words matching the job or contract in hand. It is, therefore, important to weave these into the language of your document. Keywords help executive recruiters quickly identify candidates with relevant experience. Scour on-line job boards and press adverts to identify keywords that reflect your area of expertise. For example, the keywords in a HR Manager’s job advert might include…

Cultural change – CIPD – Investors in People – employee relations – recruitment – remuneration packages – negotiation – absence management – professional development – business partnering – HR policies – grievance & discipline – permanent, temporary, interim staffing solutions – training design & delivery

Strategically positioned keywords help you to attract the attention of executive search consultants and ensure that your Profile, CV and Resume remains focused and relevant.

Taking the right steps…

Whatever your achievements, however many keywords you include, progress is unlikely without the help of Executive Search Consultants and your personal network of contacts.

So, what steps should you take? To identify Executive Recruiters in your area of expertise, research the internet, and join LinkedIn – the fastest growing business network! Register with executive searchers as they can help in accessing the top ‘hot off the press’, ‘not yet posted’ and ‘hidden job market’ executive jobs.

To summarise

A professionally presented LinkedIn Profile, CV or Resume is the perfect way to attract Top Executive Recruiters and can save you time and money – leading not just to a new role but that ‘once in a life-time’ career opportunity.